2018 Calabar Carnival, Cross River State, Nigeria. West Africa.

Calabar-compressor 2018-Calabar-Carnival-compressor

Calabar is one of the known tourist centres in Nigeria and this is evident from the activities. The Calabar Carnival dates back to 2004 when Governor Donald Duke decided to create a tourist Hub in Calabar and also hospitality. The carnival takes place towards the year-end on a yearly basis and this carnival attracts people from foreign countries and others from within Nigeria. The theme of the 2018 Carnival is “Africanism” which tells the story of the African race.

The month of December is usually a busy one with the whole month set up for different activities geared towards the international carnival day on the 29th December, 2018. As usual, it will attract foreign countries and states in Nigeria. Some of the foreign countries include Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, Greece, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Rwanda and Brazil.

Cross River State is known for hospitality due to its diverse tourism events, sites and the green environment. The Carnival over the years has brought a lot of tourists from all over the world to the state and this has had financial impacts on the economy of the state till date as a recurring event. In recent times, a lot of hotels have sprung up due to demand and tourism promotion in the state. There has also been a partnership with an Indian company to produce garments locally  and these have both contributed immensely to the revenue of the state.

Calabar is the land of tourism with the spirit of the carnival in Nigeria which can be compared to the West Indies Carnival in London which is a yearly event also that started since 1966. Let us promote our culture and our country to build a better nation and make our country great and accessible to foreign investors.

Happy Xmas and a Happy New Year in Advance……………..

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